PTCL is offering bundle package for its home users on a fixed monthly rental. Bundle offer includes following four services:

Unlimited on-net calls (Ptcl to Ptcl)
Unlimited broadband (Dsl)
SmartTV (IPTV) with all available features
IP based home surveillance camera to secure your home from any sort of intrusions or threats
PTCL Quad Play’s Smart TV service comes with all its features, for instance

Rewind and pause live channels, which means that you can watch multiple programs being broadcast on different channels at the same time according to your desires by rewinding and watching the missed portion of the program while you were watching the other program
Video on demand (VOD) that includes over 500 movies of your choice and
TCL Quad Play’s home surveillance camera comes with multiple features such as;

SMS, e-mail and Voice alerts incase of any intrusion in your home
Remote live viewing of your home on your computer or mobile phone
Recording and storage of your camera surveillance which you can retrieve at any time.

PTCL Quad Play service will be installed at the customer premises within 7 to 10 days from the date of order placement.


Equipment Charges:

You can pay one time for Equipment (Smart TV STB & Camera) Rs. 22,000 or otherwise monthly installment of Rs. 1050 for 24 Months



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