Pakistan is become one of the fastest growing country for telecommunications in a recent UN report on techanology. It is very encouraging to know that there is realization in Pakistan that cell phones and mobile telecommunications can help developing countries like us to improve our economy. The report says specifically about Pakistan that “Some developing countries, though, have moved up considerably in the Index over the five-year period, including Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, China and Vietnam. This is partly due to high mobile cellular growth, coupled with an increase in Internet users.”

Many new technologies, especially mobile data services, have taken a strong footprint in Pakistan. Wireless GSM devices are very popular amongst Pakistani consumers. Text Messages and multimedia messaging services (SMS, MMS, etc) have experienced tremendous growth. Like SMS, GPRS backed internet on cellular phone is also becoming quite popular. Unlimited GPRS and time-based hourly internet packages by Zong, for example, are appealing to more customers for mobile internet access.

According to a recent report by the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority, Pakistanis, on average, exchanged 68.51 Million text messages per day during January-March 2008, a phenomenal rise with 85 million users in the country.

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