It used to be that most homes with a land line phone had a thick phone directory, often used as a place mat for the phone set. That was before there were tens of millions of mobile phones with address book capabilities. Still there are times when one needs to get a phone number or address for someone. With the growth of online information, it has become easy to search and find phone numbers and addresses online.

How do you look up name or address for fixed line phone numbers in Pakistan ? PTCL provides this service on their website here. You can search using name or address. I found that entering address is not easy because addresses are not standardized in Pakistan. Entering the full name is easier but you may get multiple results. There is a user guide available as well.

If you want to find name and address for a given phone number, you can also use the widget in the sidebar of this blog. It is powered by the Brain net. Enter the 7-digit phone number without the NWD code .. for instance, do not type 042 for Lahore.

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