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In the first quarter of 2016, Huawei will launch its next Mate smart phone which will be an exclusive Android flagship device. It will be launched to give direct competition to Samsung’s Galaxy S6+ Edge and Galaxy Note 5. Huawei has successfully introduced incredibly great smart phones in the current year, 2015. Now it is all geared up to flood 2016 with out of the world and ground breaking smart phones. It is expected that the upcoming Huawei’s own Android-Powered device will hit the shelves in Pakistan, sometime in January, next year.

This smart phone is greatly expected to create waves in the market and media because of the numerous amazing features it has to offer. It is expected to be available in Black, Bronze, Gray and Gold colors. Upcoming Mate smart phone would bring with it, abundant of amazing and unique features to the table and it will directly challenge pre-established, high-end smart phones. The actual clash of this Mate prodigy would be with Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ and Note 5. Although Samsung is seen as a premium brand in the international smart phone market and Huawei, as an affordable smart phone manufacturer but the situation is likely to change in the coming times. This change has been brought about because of the lists of mistakes Samsung has been making in the year 2015 such as eliminating expandable storage options, non-removable batteries and lack in innovation. As Huawei is excelling tremendously in the field of innovative technologies, so, this might push the users to think about changing their smart phone brand.

The stunning Mate device would flaunt a 6-inches large screen with resolution of 1080X1920 pixels. The said resolution on such a big screen might lack in delivering crisp and bright display but on the other hand, this will help save the battery life. A premium feel would exude from the upcoming Mate with the thin bezel, which would provide more space to the screen. Mate smart phone would come with Huawei’s own Octa-core processor, “Kirin 950”. Highly anticipated Mate’s chip includes four 1.8 GHz cores and four 2.3 GHz cores which would make this device utterly power packed. There is an additional Mali-T880 graphic card and LTE 4G, Modem incorporated in the Mate. The operating system in this smart phone is Huawei’s intensely customized Android OS and the Emotion UI would keep the Mate in seamless running state for long hours.

According to the data released by Gartner, Huawei’s has undoubtedly set a bench mark by securing the post of third largest smart phone vendor in the world, with its third quarter sales in 2015. The sales reached up to 27.2 million units, across the globe in Q3-2015. It is high time for Samsung now to actually bring itself in the game before Huawei grabs the top spot in the international smart phone market.

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