Naughty by Nature appear on The Buried Life season finale tonight And what’s the theme song of The Buried Life?It’s “Ooh Aah” by the Grits.

And like My Life as Liz, the question remains, is there a season 2 of The Buried Life?

Tonight’s episode is entitled “#85: Throw the Most Bad –s Party Ever” “The boys find themselves in a small town and try to throw the most bad—s party with a guest appearance by Naughty by Nature. Meanwhile, they try reunite an adopted man with his birth father.”

Is there a season 2? Online indications show no season 2 yet in production. And what is the theme song of The Buried Life? It’s “Ooh Aah” by the Grits.

Vin of Naughty by Nature recently granted MTV an interview remembering Rapper Apache.

“He was a crazy creative guy. He wrote some of the songs for Latifah. It was time for him to go in. It was a good thing, he was working with 45 King and Kay Gee, who was the new producer. So he got a little of that Naughty flavor [on his album]. People think Apache came after us, [that he] benefited because of Naughty. It was the exact opposite. We were the babies of Flavor Unit.”

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