Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) Information System (SIS) was introduced by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) on October 15 with the objective of exposing irregularities in registration of unverified SIMs. However, there are many flaws in the system, revealed a PTA official on condition of anonymity.

Around 175,000 complainants (5.9 percent of total SMSs received at PTA’s System) have so far visited the Customer Service Centres (CSC) of concerned mobile operators for their SIM data correction. More than 400,000 illegal and irregular SIMs have been removed from the complainants’ CNICs after they provided the necessary data.

Since the launch of this service, PTA has received more than 2.96 million requests by mobile subscribers seeking their SIM information data through SMS and about 0.86 million through web-link available at PTA website, he added. Fraud in the registration of unverified SIMs is one of the setbacks for efforts aimed at combating terrorism in the country, so stated many a subscriber to this scribe.

A large number of subscribers to various cell-phone companies complained that these companies were stealing their identities to issue unverifiable SIMs. They have urged the PTA to take corrective action and instead of giving people 45 days to register the SIMs in their names the government should go after the culprits.

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