Some days ago we seen when PTA introduced 668 Service, came up with a lot wrong information of Sims registered anainst your cnic. status showed maa lof of connections issued against one person’s NIC while they claimed to have only one or two. PTA asked to visit respective customer service centers to get your data corrected. but these centers a a lot of rush there.Here Mobilink launches online complaint form for incorrect number of Mobilink Connections issued as per 668 service.

Following is the simple procedure to get your data corrected:

1. Visit PTA’s Sim Information System

2. If number of Moblink Sims issued against your NIC is wrong, Download the Mobilink Complaint Form

3. Fill out the form and send a scanned copy of form to Mobilink at

4. Attach scanned NIC (both side) and Passport with mail.

5. Do not forget to put your NIC Number as the Subject of Email.

A reference number will be issued against your complaint and Mobilink will coordinate with PTA regarding the issue. Extra SIMs issued will be removed after 24 hours of your complaint but PTA database takes 45 days to get update. So wait for 45 days then to have your data verified, if corrected.

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