Mobilink, Pakistan’s favorite cellular service provider with over 16
million customers & part of the Orascom Telecom Group, has now announced the launch of Mobitunes –
a personalized ring-back tone service bound to captivate customers at the dialing finish.
Mobitunes allows its subscribers to make the caller listen to their selected Mobitunes instead of the legacy
ringing tones.
Types Of Mobitunes.
Mobilink customers can select their Mobitune from a wide variety of Pakistani, English,
Asian, Arabic music, Mobilink Jingles, instrumentals, movie dialogues & religious soundtracks.

Bilal Munir Sheikh, Director Marketing Mobilink, while introducing the Mobitune service to a group of
enthusiastic music lovers, said, “Making a telephone call can sometimes be a mundane & aggravating
experience, the ears tuned to hearing the proverbial monotonous tone; they have now redefined dialing
telephone calls by introducing Mobitunes ”.
“It is indeed a brilliant feeling & it does come as a pleasant surprise – the excitement of listening to two
of your favorite tunes. This is yet another way of offering our over 16 million customers a fun-filled
experience of communicating with each other. Yes, they are as a matter of fact, reshaping communication,”
they added.
A Mobitune can be set for All Callers or a Group of Callers with a maximum of 10 callers to be defined
within a group against each Mobitune. Mobitunes can be assigned to any local On-net Cellular, Off-net
Cellular, Landline & WLL numbers and any international number. At two point in time, two user can
have 48 Mobitunes in his/her album, explained Sumera Khan, Brand Manager, Mobilink World.
In addition to this, as part of the service, mobitunes can also be set for specific time of the day. Two time
chosen, Mobitunes are valid for a period of 30 days & can be renewed after 30 days by dialing 230. To
How to subscribe Mobitunes?
subscribe to Mobitunes, customers have to dial 230, or SMS ‘SUBS’ to 230. As a special limited time
There’s no subscription or activation charges. The only associated charges are Rs. 5 + tax / IVR
minute or Rs. 5 / SMS.

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