Mobilink brings “MobiLocator”, with this service you can find your location, friends in close proximity, best restaurants in vicinity, ATM/Fuel stations, banks etc. You can get proximity alerts whenever your friends are close by and also receive scheduled SMS alerts that tracks and record the location of your family members.

How to Subscribe

Dial string *5558#

How to Un-subscribe

Dial string *5558# and follow the menu


Prepaid: Rs. 2.99 Incl. tax/week

Postpaid: Rs.10+tax/Month

There are no charges on dialing USSD string

Other Details

Following functionalities are available on MobiLocator menu.

  • Find your own Location
  • Find Friends’ location
  • Get SMS alerts whenever your friends are in close proximity
  • Track and record the locations of all family members on a predefined schedule. A total of ten members can be added to the iFamily list.

USSD menu Flow is given blow:

  1. Apni Location maloom karain
  2. Apne doston ki location maloom karain
  3. Apne Ird gird aham jagahain maloom kerien
  4. Doston k qareeb aanay per alerts hasil karain
  5. Makhsoos Waqfey ke baad numbers ke location maloom Karen
  6. Tracking Permission List
  7. Help
  8. Un-subscribe

Location is returned only if recipient grants consent to be tracked.

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