Lahore: February 24th, 2011:- Continuing with the tradition of engaging online community via blogger meet-ups, Mobilink team visited Karachi this week to meet up and interact with Karachi bloggers. The meetup was around the Advent and Prospects of Location Based Charging in the Telecom sector. Jazz Karachi Bachat offer introduced by Mobilink was also highlighted during the discussion at the meetup.
One of the important discussions that surfaced during this interactive bloggers brain-storming session was that innovative location based services and packages must be explored and taken to a whole new level whereby customers could also be provided with many more personalized location based services and discount offer packages.
There is a lot happening around the globe with reference to location based services. Pakistan is also part of this race with its telecom companies initially launching location based services and lately introducing location based charging and discount offers.
Here are some of the pictures of Mobilink Bloggers Meetup organized at Café Zouk, Karachi on 22nd Feb 2011.

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