DoubleUP Number

DoubleUP Number service allows a subscriber to have a virtual number in addition to the primary number on the same SIM. This service is for prepaid subscribers only.

“This service is available for all Prepaid subscribers except Champions Package subscribers.”

How to Subscribe

Dial 4030 and press ‘1’. Or send ‘sub’ to 4030

How to Un-subscribe

Dial 4030 and press ’0′. Or send ‘unsub’ to 4030

Prepaid Charges:

Subscription Charges: Rs. 1.44 per day inclusive of taxes
SMS Charges to 4030: Rs. 0.60 per SMS inclusive of taxes
IVR Charges to 4030: Rs. 0.60 per min inclusive of taxes
Prefix SMS Charges: Free
Prefix Call Charges from your Double Number: Rs. 0.72 per 30 seconds inclusive of taxes

DoubleUP Number Bundle Features

Subscriber can upgrade their Double UP Number to use advance features.



SMS Command

Basic Bundle

Call Back Reminder

Rs. 10/month

Type “Basic On” and send it to 4030

Meeting Point (Conference Call)
SMS into Web
SMS Signatures

Note:All bundles can subscribe at the same time and user can also select single bundle too.

Subscriber can also upgrade these bundles via IVR. Dial on 4030 and Select Upgrade Double UP Number from Main Menu.

1. Basic Bundle

1.1 Call Back Reminder

Subscriber can set call back reminder for important calls during their busy hours or in meetings. If a Subscriber was not able to attend last two calls from a same recipient in last 10 minutes. A SMS will be sent to subscriber to set Call back reminder.

Once the Subscriber Set Call Back reminder, an SMS will be sent to the caller, from Subscribers DoubleUP Number that “I will Call You minutes”.

1.2 Meeting Room

Subscriber can schedule a meeting via Meeting Room. A Pin will be provided to Subscriber, each meeting will be identified from unique pin.
Subscriber can send this PIN to all attendees to invite them in meeting.

Call on 4030 & Select “Meeting Point” to generate PIN.
Type “MEETING” and send it to 4030
Meeting can be schedule via “Conference Call” from DoubleUP Number Website.

1.3 SMS into Web

All SMS received on DoubleUP Number will be automatically archived into Subscriber’s web.

1.4 SMS Signature

Subscriber can set their SMS Signature. These signatures will be automatically appended at the end of each SMS.

Type “SIG ” and send it to 4030. E.g Sig Ahmer Masood Qazi
Signature can be set in “Account Setting” from DoubleUP Number Website.

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