Bing Serach Engine launche by microsoft , it didn’t take long. reporting byPC World  that just one day after formally launching its new “decision engine” Bing, Microsoft (MSFT) has dropped Yahoo (YHOO) to rank second among the most used online search engines in America. According to the Web analytics firm StatCounter, Bing Search engine grabbed 16.28 percent of all searches in the country, doubling the share Microsoft Live Search had just a week earlier. Yahoo, meanwhile, has dropped from 18 percent to 10.22 percent.Forrester Research analyst Shar VanBoskirk told PC World that because both Bing and Yahoo combine content and search, it’s only natural that Yahoo would be hit by the new competition first.


Of course, it’s too early to say anything about Bing’s chances; most users are likely just giving taking it out for a spin right now. But Microsoft is pushing hard to take advantage of the buzz, renting the Space Needle for its launch party and releasing the first commercials in its reported $100 million ad campaign to unseat Google (GOOG):

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