SALT LAKE CITY, Marie Osmond’s family and a lot of mourners gathered at the Mormon Chapel on 09 march Monday as the family bid the last respect to their loved son, Michael Blosil.The private funeral saw all the members of family together along with family of Marie Osmond’s brother’s and the late Michael Blosil’s biological mother. The funeral was reportedly attended by around 450 people.

The family remembered their dear son whose death report has shocked the family at the funeral service. Marie Osmond, who has declared in many occasions that she loves her children a lot, bore a gloomy look on Monday. She revealed during her speech that the biological mother of her adopted son has also come to the funeral service. Marie Osmond showed her gratitude towards the lady who she said had gifted the precious gift eighteen years ago to her in the form of Micheal Blosil.

brother of Marie Osmond ,Donny Osmond could not control his emotions & tears during his last prayer recital. However, the remembrance speech by seven year old Abigail, daughter of Marie Osmond, was filled with the innocent emotions generated from the loss of a lifetime.She characterized her brother as funny and said that he used to make her laugh. As a seven year old child, her memory of her brother consists of the games that they used to play in the pool and said that she will miss them. Abigail said that her brother had written a song for her which showed his love for her.

Michael Blosil who left behind a suicide note, has mentioned the cause of his death to be the constant depression from which he suffered.

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