You have been blogging from a long period and you have been making thousands of dollars from your blog but what about the security of your this money making machine? Iam not taking about any other security but the important content you have written everyday, the thousands of comments you have received during the past few years. You can always recover the most part of your content from the search engine cache but what about the comments which were added one by one by different readers of your blog? Iam sure these are very important and its hard to get those comments back again. Iam sure you would agree if i say that taking a blog backup in advance is better than the pains you need to take while restoring a blog which is totally lost.
Wordpress Backup Tools Plugins

There are many reasons how your blog can go down and the most common reason is the Blog getting backed because of running a older version of the script and losing all the content or the content gets malicious content added to it making it harmful for the blog readers to visit your site and get infected too. Another reason would be your blog hosting server would get down and the Hard Drive storing the content would get crashed which would mean that everything lost and if you dont have a backup drive then you would lose everything. There could be many many reason on how you can lose everything of your blog and without a full backup you are left with nothing but lots of tensions.

Here are few ways you can safely enjoy your life after installing few wordpress plugins or utilities or tools which take care of your Important data easily. I will discuss about each of these one by one in detail and you can decide which one would suit you because these options are going to be free as well as paid.

WP-DB-Backup – WordPress Database Backup is a Plugin which is downloaded half a million times till date and is one of the most famous plugin for backup purpose. Once the plugin is installed you will find a detailed option in the Admin Menu under the Tools section. This is one of the plugin ever because it offers you with multiple options along with a detailed list of all your WordPress Tables which are installed in your blog data and its recommended to check all of these tables to make sure that you can restore everything. Now for the Backup you can select any of the backup modes which range from saving a copy to your hosting server, downloading a copy to your computer instantly and emailing a backup copy. The best part of this plugin is that you can schedule a Backup which means that ranging from hourly to weekly you can get a copy of all the tables in your blog database to your email automatically. Check out the following screenshot which can give you a small idea on how the plugin looks in real time.

Backup WordPress – This is another excellent Plugin which is useful for wordpress backup, but this is recommended for those who have no idea on how to restore those database backup files which they receive through other plugins or Cpanel. Once you install this Plugin you will find a option to configure your options to setup the Backup system. The plugin would ask you to mention the location where you can store your backup files for which you need to manually create a backup folder in your wp-content folder. Few other features of this plugin are mentioned below –
Basic Scheduling – Do you want BackUpWordPress to be scheduled and run automatically?
Backup Type: Full Backup Weekly: is not activated – activate
Backup Type: SQL Only Backup Daily: is not activated – activate
Mail Setup – Do you want to receive your backups automatically by email? Mail to: Please seperate multiple email addresses with kommas.
Backup Storage – How many Backups do you want to keep? A Numerical value which represents the total copies of the backups you need.

Manual Full FTP & Cpanel Backup – This is one option which does take time but is 100% Complete backup because using this feature you can download everything from the core database to the Images hosted on the Blog. You need to first visit your blogs Control Panel ie the Web Hosting Account’s Cpanel where you can find all the Database and Files. Now you need to visit the Php-MyAdmin section of your Cpanel which displays all the Database and their tables and allows you to manage them very easily. Click on your Blogs Database on the Left Panel and you find its structure along with the total list of tables on the right panel. Next click on the Export option and you will get a list of all the ways you would like to Export the current Database and all its tables, Select ‘SQL’ along with Selection of all the Tables and click on the ‘Go’ button.

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