PTA last week issued a directive for cellular operators to filter SMS communication to block those message containing obscene, offensive and indecent words. However, the whole matter fired back when the list of banned keywords got leaked

As we all know PTA  issued the list of over 1,500 banned keywords that was allegedly prepared by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, to be filtered by mobile phone companies list of banned keywords to be sent out to operators for the filtration.

Before we go into details here are lists of banned keywords issued by PTA:

Update: PTA Decides to Withdraw SMS Filtration Orders

After all the SMS filtration order, the news is that Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has decided to hold its directive for implementing SMS filters for over 1,500 keywords, told us a source with close connections to PTA head-office.

We come to know PTA is likely to withdraw earlier orders through a letter today in which PTA will explain the operators that the ban list should not be implemented due to issues known to everyone.




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