kashmala1Kashmala Tariq is unarguably one of Pakistan’s most beautiful glamorous politicians. After the passing of the late Benazir Bhutto, Pakistanis the world over are writing in about the great allure of this Pakistani beauty. Purported to be married with a child, the stunning Kashmala Tariq is nevertheless the object of many a man’s fantasies, having an almost Amazonian domineering quality about her.

Educated from the London School of Economics, Kashmala Tariq first entered Pakistani politics as a Member of National Assembly MNA from a woman’s quota seat as part of the PML Q government. Headed by Chaudhry Shujaat, the notorious PML Q was ruthlessly beaten in the last Pakistani general elections that saw the emergence of a rather improbable Zardari-Sharif alliance. Kashmala Tariq, never one to be browbeaten, however, continues to be seen in some of the most prominent social circles of the capital.

Here is a picture of Kashmala Tariq she is seen here wearing a white shalwar kameez as she arrives for a local event.

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