For the first time ever, a package designed especially for ladies – Jazz Ladies First is your command on the very best. From sizzling recipes to tips on looking your best are all an SMS away. Remarkably low calls rates.
Women around the globe love to talk for hours on end, and Jazz understands this need to the fullest, thus introducing its brand new revolutionary offer, where you can talk for as low as Rs. 5 / hour! This enticing new offer is surely every woman’s dream come true, bringing forth a product that will now satiate their desire to talk more and more for hours.

For us.. your comfort always comes first!

Jazz Ladies First package details
Talk for hours at Rs. 5 / hour using special discounted hourly rate (1,2)
Beauty tips, mouth watering recipes, healthy diets and so much more all via SMS
Special discounted call rates
Lower outgoing call rates 2nd minute onwards

19.5% FED on usage and 10% withholding tax on recharge applies
Limited time offer
Call charges are applicable on calls made after 11pm

Value Added Services Tariffs

Value Added Services Tariffs
Details Rates
Bolo SMS Outgoing (Mobilink) Rs. 2 + tax per 2 IVR minutes
Bolo SMS Outgoing (Any other network) Rs. 3 + tax per 2 IVR minutes
Bolo SMS Receiving directly Free
Bolo SMS Receiving later Rs. 1 + tax per 2 IVR minutes (this is available for Mobilink subscribers only)
MMS Outgoing per 50 KB (Rs.) 6
MMS Receiving (Rs.) Free
GPRS Rate per MB (Rs.) 18

International Call Rates

Rates in Rs per minute (Including airtime charges)
Zones Jazz Ladies First
Zone-1 3.00
Zone-2 8.00
Zone-3 10.99
Zone-4 17.00
Zone-5 20.00
Zone-6 194.35
Zone-7 357.34
Zone-8 77.30

Zones Information

Zone 1Australia (L) Austria (L) Canada (L+M)
China (L+M) Czech Republic (L) Denmark (L)
France (L) Germany (L) Greece (L)
Hong Kong (L+M) Hungary (L) Ireland (L)
Italy (L) Netherlands (L) New Zealand (L)
Portugal (L) Singapore (L+M) Spain (L)
Sweden (L) Switzerland (L) United Kingdom (L)

Zone 2Bangladesh (L+M) India (M) Iran (L)
Japan (L) Kuwait (L+M) Malaysia (L+M)
Norway (L) South Africa (L) Thailand (L+M)

Zone 3Australia (M) Bahrain (L+M) France (M)
India (L) Iran (M) Japan (M)
Philippilens (M) Saudi Arabia (L+M) Turkey (M)

Zone 4Afghanistan (M) Denmark (M) Egypt (M)
Germany (M) Ireland (M) Italy (M)
Netherlands (M) Nigeria (M) Norway (M)
Oman (L+M) Qatar (M) Spain (M)
United Kingdom (M)

Zone 5Afghanistan (L) Albania (L) Algeria (L+M)
American Samoa (L+M) Andorra (L+M) Angola (L)
Antigua and Barbuda (L+M+PS) Argentina (L+M) Armenia (L+M+PS)
Aruba (L+M) Austria (M+PS)) Azerbaijan (L+M)
Bahamas (L+M) Barbados (L+M) Belarus (L+M)
Belgium (L+M+PS) Belize (L) Benin (L+M)
Bermuda (L+M) Bhutan (L+M) Bolivia (L+M)
Bosnia Herzegovina (L+M) Botswana (L+M) Brazil (L+M)
Brunei Darussalam (L+M) Bulgaria (L+M) Burkina Faso (L+M)
Burundi (L+M) Cambodia (L+M+PS) Cameroon (L+M+PS)
Cape Verde (L+M) Cayman Islands (L+M) Central African Republic (L+M)
Chad (L+M+PS) Chatham Island (L+M) Chile (L+M+PS)
Christmas Island (L) Cocos Island (L) Colombia (L+M)
Congo (L+M) Costa Rica (L+M) Croatia (L+M+PS)
Cyprus (L+M) Czech Republic (M) Denmark (PS)
Dominica (L+M) Dominican Republic (L+PS) Ecuador (L+M)
Egypt (PS) El Salvador (L+M) Equatorial Guinea (L+M)
Eritrea (L+M) Estonia (L+M) Ethiopia (L+M)
Faroe Island (L+M) Fiji Island (L+M+PS) Finland (L+M+PS)
France (PS) French Polynesia (L+M+PS) Gabon (L+M)
Gambia (L+M) Georgia (L+M) Germany (PS)
Ghana (L+M) Gibraltar (L+M) Greece (M+PS)
Guam (L+M) Guatemala (L+M) Guinea (L+M)
Guyana (L+M) Haiti (L+M+PS) Honduras (L+M)
Hong Kong (PS) Hungary (M) Iceland (L+M+PS)
India (PS) Indonesia (L+M) Iraq (L+M)
Ireland (PS) Ivory Coast (L+M) Jamaica (L+M)
Jordan (L+M) Kazakhstan (L+M) Kenya (L+M)
Kyrgyzstan (L+M) Laos (L+M) Latvia (L+M+PS)
Lebanon (L+M) Lesotho (L+M) Liberia (L+M)
Libya (L+M) Lithuania (L+M+PS) Luxembourg (L+M+PS)
Macao (L+M) Macedonia (L+M) Madagascar (L+M)
Malawi (L+M) Maldives (L+M+PS) Mali (L+M)
Malta (L+M) Mariana Island (L+M) Mauritania (L+M)
Mauritius (L+M) Mayotte (L+M) Mexico (L+M)
Moldova (L+M+PS) Monaco (L+M) Mongolia (L+M)
Montserrat (L+M+PS) Morocco (L+M) Mozambique (L+M)
Myanmar (L) Namibia (L+M) Nepal (L+M)
Netherlands (PS) New Zealand (M+PS) Nicaragua (L+M)
Niger (L+M+PS) Nigeria (L) Norway (PS)
Oman (PS) Palestine (L+M) Panama (L+M)
Paraguay (L+M) Peru (L+M) Philippines (L)
Poland (L+M+PS) Portugal (M+PS) Puerto Rico (L+M)
Qatar (L) Reunion Island (L+M) Romania (L+M+PS)
Russia (L+M+PS) Rwanda (L+M) Senegal (L+M)
Serbia and Montenegro (L+M) Seychelles Islands (L+M+PS) Sierra Leone (L+M+PS)
Slovakia (L+M+PS) South Africa (M+PS) South Korea (L+M+PS)
Sri Lanka (L+M) St Kitts and Nevis (L+M) St Lucia (L+M)
St Pierre and Miquelon (L+M) Sudan (L+M+PS) Suriname (L+M)
Swaziland (L+M) Sweden (M+PS) Switzerland (M+PS)
Syria (L+M) Taiwan (L+M) Tajikistan (L+M)
Tanzania (L+M) Thailand (PS) Togo (L+M)
Trinidad and Tobago (L+M) Tunisia (L+M) Turkey (L)
Turkmenistan (L+M) Uganda (L+M) Ukraine (L+M+PS)
United Kingdom (PS) Uruguay (L+M) Uzbekistan (L+M)
Vatican City (L+M) Venezuela (L+M+PS) Vietnam (L+M)
Virgin Island (UK) (L+M) Virgin Island (USA) (L+M) Yemen (L+M)
Zambia (L+M) Zimbabwe (L+M)

Zone 6Cook Islands (L+M) Democratic Republic of Congo (L+M) Ellipso (L+M)
EMSAT (Satellite) Inmarsat – B International Freephone
Iridium (Satellite) Kiribati (PS) Maritime Communications Partner
Nauru (L+M+PS) Slovenia (L+M) Tokelau (PS)

Zone 7Globalstar GMSS network Inmarsat
Inmarsat – A Inmarsat – A – Data Inmarsat – Aero
Inmarsat – AOE Inmarsat – AOW Inmarsat – M
Inmarsat – M – SNAC Inmarsat – M4 – HSD Inmarsat – O
Inmarsat – PO International Networks

Zone 8Anguilla (PS) Antartica (L+M) Ascension Island (L+M)
Australia (Satellite) Comoros (M) Cook Islands (PS)
Cuba (L+M) Diego Garcia (L+M+PS)) Djibouti (L+M)
East Timor (L+M) Falkland Islands (L+M) French Guiana (M)
Greenland (L+M) Grenada (PS) Guadeloupe (L+M+PS)
Guantanamo (L+M) Guinea Bissau (L+M+PS) Inmarsat – Mini M
Kiribati (L+M) Liechtenstein (M+PS) Madagascar (PS)
Marshall Island (L+M) Martinique (M) Micronesia (L+M)
Netherlands Antilles (PS) New Caledonia (L+M+PS) Niue (L+M+PS))
Norfolk Island (L+M+PS) North Korea (L+M) Palau (L+M)
Papua New Guinea (L+M) San Marino (PS) Sao Tom & Principe (L+M+PS)
Solomon Islands (L+M+PS) Somalia (L+M) St Helena (L+M)
St Vincent and Grenadines (PS) Thuraya (Satellite) Tokelau (L+M)
Tongua Island (L+M+PS) Turks and Caicos Islands (PS) Tuvalu (L+M+PS)
Vanuatu (L+M) Wallis & Futuna (L+M) Western Samoa (L+M)

LÂ : Mobilink International Direct Dialing to land line
M: Mobilink International Direct Dialing to mobile
PS: Mobilink International Direct Dialling to Premium Services Number

Terms and Conditions
Government taxes and conditions apply
Rates to mobiles in some countries may vary
Zone 6: 2.35 + 194.35 + 3.00(Off net Charge) + tax / min  (Easy & Budget)
Zone 7: 2.35 + 357.34 + 3.00(Off net Charge) + tax / min (Easy & Budget)
Zone 8: 2.35 + 77.30 + 3.00 (Off net Charge) + tax / min (Easy & Budget)
Zone 6: 3.00 + 194.35 + 3.00(Off net Charge) + tax / min  (Octane and JLF)
Zone 7: 3.00 + 357.34 + 3.00(Off net Charge) + tax / min (Octane and JLF)
Zone 8: 3.00 + 77.30 + 3.00 (Off net Charge) + tax / min (Octane and JLF)

* Dear Jazz customer, every call made to 111 helpline is charged Rs. 1 + tax

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