After the earlier rounds of JAZZ SMS Khazana great success in terms of appreciation and engagement from customers .Jazz brings another offer SMS Khazana 6 to win 50 Tolas of Gold and lots of other exciting prizes through a Lucky draw.

Now SMS Khazana 6 brings many enticing and attractive prizes for its users. They will be able to win these prizes through lucky draw.

The 6th round of SMS Khazana in terms of its playability will be like SMS Khazana 5 as users can raise the prize amount based on the number of correct/incorrect answers they will be sending to 5555 for that specific prize.

The grand prize for SMS Khazana this time around is 50 Tolas of Gold.

How To Play

Step 1:

The participant will send “JK” to 5555 to enter the contest. The users can send in any other key words or blank message to 5555. It will be accepted as well.

Step 2:

The participant will receive a Ringtone along with a welcome SMS (ringtone will be sent within 24 hours)

Step 3:

The quiz mechanism consists of multiple choice questions where participants should answer in order to raise the value of the prize money of the specific day, increase their possibilities to become a winner and accumulate points to win the 1st Month, 2nd Month and Grand Prize at the end of the campaign.

Step 4:

The participant will send the answer he/she believes is the correct one by sending 1 or 2 to 5555 in order to raise the prize value for daily and Sunday prizes and as well as earn points for the 1st Month, 2nd Month and Grand prizes. Once answered, user is notified if the answer was correct or incorrect. In case the user does not respond with option 1 or 2 or sends any other text/number, he /she will get an invalid reply message.

Step 5:

If the participant wins via lucky draw, he/she will be awarded the SAME amount of cash/gold, which he/she had played for on that specific day.

Prize Details

Daily prize: Up to PKR 200,000

Sunday prize: Up to 10 TOLAS of GOLD (or equivalent cash amount against the rate of the GOLD on the date of the lucky draw)

1st Month Prize: 20 TOLAS of GOLD

2nd Month Prize: 30 TOLAS of GOLD

Final prize: 50 TOLAS of GOLD

Each Correct answer will raise the value of the daily prize by PKR 10,000

**Each Correct answer will raise the value of the Sunday prize by 0.50 Tola of Gold

Lucky Draw results

All results will be available on


Rs. 10+Tax/SMS

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions are available for public view at

This service is available for both Jazz & Indigo customers.

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