National Database authority (Nadra) has launched a very useful service to verify the complete data of any CNIC on Mobile throug sending a SMS. Now you can verify the details just by sending an SMS to 7000. At the moment this service is available for Mobilink, Telenor and Warid customers.

This usefull service will save much time as you don’t have to go to NADRA’ s office to verify the details of the person you want to make any deal with. This service will enable the police and other law-enforcement agencies to verify the CNIC of any suspect at checkpoint any time, besides help common people to avoid the bids of cheating by mischievous people as they can verify the CNIC of any person on SMS.
How to Varify CNIC
Simply verify their CNIC by sending an SMS to 7000.

Write CNIC Number without dashes and send it to 7000. In response NADRA would provide details associated with that CNIC such as name of the person to whom the CNIC allotted in Urdu along with his father’s name and in case of a married women her husband’s name, or subsequently any other content.
Example: write 3334445556660 and send to 7000
Charges: Rs. 10 plus tax per Message (Around Rs. 12 including taxes)

One may think that this is a privacy loop hole, however, as it does not provide any contact details of the CNIC holder and only reveals the name and father’s name – so it is acceptable and helpful in many means.

Talking about benefits, this service will really help the public in there general as well as special matters as you can easily verify someone’s details to check the scam or fake ones, these credentials can really help out in business deals as well as personal contracts where you need to be sure about the real person.

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