You can use your UBL OMNI account through internet by visiting UBL website and registering for UBL Online banking using your OMNI Account. User name and password for online banking can also be used to use the account on WAP through mobile phone.

Use the following steps to activate online banking on your OMNI account:

i. Visit the URL
ii. Choose new users
iii. If you already have an account with UBL at a Branch and also have a wallet card then you will just need the following information

a. Your WALLET card no.
b. Your registered email address
c. A verification code
d. Your ATM PIN

iv. If you only have a UBL Account but no ATM card than you will be required to enter the following information

a. Your registered email address
b. Keyword / Mother’s maiden name
c. Region
d. Branch Name
e. Account No.

v. If you only have the UBL OMNI account than select the “Omni” option instead of the normal account from the address and continue to fill the required information
For details on the registration information visit

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