Bing Search Engine now a days the buzz all over the web because it seems to be a real killer stuff reacentaly launched by Microsoft and get the second rank of best engine offering everyone with a Search Engine which has many features like Google Offered. Now its time to start getting indexed first in this search engine to get free visitors because we as webmasters should think about getting traffic from all the search engines rather than just using them. Most of the websites are already indexed by i think its because of old msn databases they already have but you need still submit your websites into their index after which the bing robots would crawl your website and show your websites on the bing top search results.

First step need to go the webmaster tools section of Bing Search Engine where you will be asked to enter your Websites Address ie the URL followed with the Sitemap Address but its not compulsary but highly recommended to enter the Sitemap URL because sitemap can help the Search Engine crawlers find all the pages of your site easily. In order to get access to this page would require you to enter your MSN Login details to continue the procedure, hence there is no need to enter your website address while submitting


Once the will submit it, Bing will ask you to authenticate yourself to make sure you are the real webmaster of the recently submitted website. You will either have to upload a XML Verification file to your root folder ie in the root directory ‘Public_Html’ folder of your web hosting account or else add the tag they offer you to the section of your main index page. Once the process is completed you will find a link to all your sites list and you almost have done

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