You want that your callers to listen to Zong dial Tunes of latest new songs, melodies, naats, national songs, your own recorded message etc) instead of that routine and boring toon toon dial tone sound? If you are intrested then this article will help you to set zong dial tune.

How to activate Zong Dial Tune?
Zong dial tunes can be activated by simply dialing 230 from your Zong number to subscribe to Zong Dial tunes Or sending an SMS REG & send it to 230.
Next step is to select a dial tune of your own choice.

After Making sure that you have activated Zong Dial Tunes by dialing 230 and you have received a confirmation message from Zong that your Zong Dial Tunes are now enabled.
* Once service is activated, you can select and purchase your favorite dial tunes by dialing 230. Select your favorite song from various available categories. But that is going to cost you too much (Rs. 5 per minute), and you may get confused in selecting your Zong Tune in real time. (Make sure you have enough balance, otherwise you call will get disconnected after your balance hits Zero)
* Instead, go to this Zong website: and note down the ID of your favorite Zong Dial tone and SMS id to 230.
* You can also select your favorite Zong Dial Tune by One Key press option. When you call any Zong Number, and if you like their Zong Dial Tune, simply press # button. Simple!

Selecting Zong Dial Tone Through the Website

Customers can also visit Zong dial tunes website with amazing features at to select the dial tunes, modify their album and enable other interesting services.

Zong Dial Tune Charges

* Daily subscription fee Rs.1+Tax
* Download Charges Rs.5/song
* IVR (calls to 230) will cost you Rs.5/min+Tax

Assigning Different ZONG Dial Tunes to Different Callers

Either by calling 230 or by Vesting you can

* Assign all Callers with a single ZONG Dial Tunes
* Or you can assign Individual Callers with different ZONG Dial Tunes.

Must Remember:

* You can select unlimited number of Zong Dial Tunes, but remember each Zong Dial Tune will cost you Rs. 5/per Tune
* Zong Dial Tune will be played even if your number is busy or in case it is on another call.
* Your ZONG Dial Tunes will remain valid for only specified days after purchasing. Each ZONG Dial Tunes will have to be repurchased to increase the validity period; means you will have to spend another Rs. 5 after a set amount of period. (To check the time left for expiry of the purchased ZONG Dial Tunes go to where the expiry date of each song is mentioned in front of each ZONG Dial Tunes)
* Zong Dial Tunes can not be assigned to international numbers. So they will head standard Dial Tune when they call.

How to unsubscribe to Zong Dial Tunes

* Simply dial 230 and select unsubscribe or send SMS to 230.

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