Mobilink Mobitunes introduce its customers another great feature.With this feature now, you can set different mobitunes for different callers. All you have to do is specify the mobitune that you want to set and the caller for whom you want to set that mobitune. Whenever that caller calls, he/she will listen to the mobitune especially set for him/her. Rest of the others callers will listen to the default mobitune.

This feature gives you the freedom to set the right mobitunes for your friends, family and colleagues.So what are you waiting for? Set special mobitune for special callers.

How to Set?

Set Caller Specific Mobitune:
Example: fm 100049 0300xxxxxxx

Delete Caller Specific Mobitune:
Example: del 0300xxxxxxx

On deletion of caller specific settings, the default mobitune will run for that caller.

Limit on Settings:
A subscriber can set specific mobitune for up to 50 callers.

Short Code:
subscriber will send these commands to SMS short code 230.

Rs. 7.99+tax per SMS

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