After Knowing the Registerd SIMs Against your CNIC many from us are worried about to block that SIMs are not in their use.

Mobile companies are allowing cell phone customers to block those SIMs which were never purchased by them.
You can do this by following these steps.

Download The form
print it
Fill it yourself, other than mobile numbers that you want to get blocked (your respective service center will do this for you). Also leave the lower part of form.
Attach 3 copies of CNIC
And take them to concerned service center
And you are hopefully done.


1-Take some time out, before going to Service Center, as there would be plenty of other people in there for same purpose. Expect 1 hour or even one and a half hour wait before you get through
2-Please note that form downloaded from this page may not be acceptable at some service centers, as they may ask you to refill the form they will give.
3-Please make sure that you are not heading towards Franchises, because franchises don’t block numbers, its only Service Center that can offer you with the service. However, those cities where service centers are not available, similar arrangements have been made by franchises to block SIMs.

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