SIM Activation
For purchase of new Jazz connection, customers are required to fill out a Customer Service Agreement Form (CSAF) and attach along all necessary identity documents. In addition to this, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has instructed that all new Jazz connections purchased after 31st of January 2009 must be activated only after verification of customer antecedents.

To facilitate new Jazz customers, Mobilink offers the following SIM activation system:

New procedure for Jazz SIM activation

To purchase a new Jazz connection, visit the nearest Mobilink Customer Services Centre, Franchise Centre or Registered Retailer. Complete the Customer Services Agreement Form (CSAF) and attach along your identity documents.
Insert your new Jazz SIM in your mobile.
To activate the Jazz SIM, make a free call to 789.
Helpline 789 will require customer’s personal details and CNIC number.
Provided antecedents will be verified by helpline through NADRA database.
Once confirmed, SIM will be activated in 30 minutes.
In accordance with PTA laws and regulations, any mobile connection which is not registered, does not carry complete information, or has false information is liable to be disconnected. Possession of such connections is considered a crime.

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