In2008, Google added voice and video chat between two persons features to Gmail Chat, which happens to be the web version of Google Talk. Well, it seems that Google plans of improving and enhancing the audio and video chat capabilities. From what we hear Google will be bringing video and audio conferencing for Gmail Chat and possibly bring those features to other apps as well, as it has done in the past. (For e.g. bringing voice and video chat to iGoogle and Orkut).
This is the statement published by Rishi Chandra, Google Apps Product manager, that led us to the above mentioned information.

At this time Gmail Talk offers single-to-single video and audio based communication/chat, but all this is expected to change in next year.

A point to ponder over here is, will Google add the video and voice conferencing feature to Orkut and will that challenge Facebook’s domination in the social network arena?. Please share your comments on this matter with us.

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