Pakistani girls Mobile Number there are lot of searches of this keyword on every search engine,Because there are many social community websites having a lot of Pakistani girls mobile number in comments of any post about this topic posted by self from girls or any other guy having a lot of number of pakistani girls in his directory.These number leak out when you get easyload or sale your mobile,theft your mobile after that your number forwerd to next by next person.

Girls are also involved in it.its Said Taali iak hath se nai bajti.Its a threat for all pakistanies not only for girls.Girls also spread the numbers of their class mates not only boys spread thir numbers.In past days of mobile service the boys are involved but now a days the ratio is almost equal by both of girls and boys.

Blog Writer use this keyword to attract visitor to their website from search engine results.And Boys and some girls strat to posting theit mobile numbers in comments and messages like ,call me at…..,my number is….,i am Noman and my number is…….call me friendship,that types of messages in comments and admin of that blog need to not aprove of that type of comments but they aprove for attracting visitors to their website.

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