Sending mobile credit to others in same network is known service fot everyone. But here is another interesting service in Kuwait for Wataniya Mobile users. They can share mobile credit with their love ones outside Kuwait including Pakistan.

Wataniya Mobile users can share mobile credit with Ufone and Warid users in Pakistan with the International topup service of Wataniya.

To share balance procedure for Wataniya users is shown below.

How to Do?

Type number of Ufone or Warid in full international format (for instance: +9233356XXXXX) and send it to 1919
Sender will receive an SMS messages that will have list of denomination for selection (depending on the other operator)
Sender will reply back to the message with option 1,2 or 3 (as per amount he/she wants to share)
Sender will receive SMS with the converted amount in Kuwaiti Dinar to rupees that would be deducted from the sender’s balance
Replies to confirm with “Y” or “N”
Sender will receive SMS message of successful transaction
Recipient will receive balance in Pakistani rupees

Per outgoing Message: 10 fils

Top up amount:

PKR 250 (KWD1.20)
PKR 500 (KWD2.20)
PKR 1000 (KWD4.30)

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