Today I am going to Share how can you get blogger comments on your mobile through sms notifications. For those who are running their blogs on Blogger, they can get sms alerts with their Zong connection when someone of their Blog visitor leaves a comment on any post. It is free as long as Zong’s email to sms service is free.

Ufone customers may also use their Email to sms service, but Ufone’s email to sms service is not free. With Ufone to get your email to sms id ( you need to activate your info-services account from Ufone web, which charges 1.Rs+tax/day, where as Zong’s email to sms service is by default activated on all Zong numbers for free.

It is easy to setup Zong sms alerts for blogger comment alerts, that when your blog posts receive any comments, then from blogger a sms notification will be sent to your Zong number.

This trick will only work for those who are using blogger default comments system, will not work with disqus, js-kit etc

Just follow these easy steps:

Login to your Blogger account.
From dashboard go to the settings of your blog for which you want to set up sms alerts.
Go to the comments settings page, at the bottom you will see an option for “Comment Notification Email”, just put your Zong email to sms id there (for example, and Save settings.
Take a look at the below screenshots to get an idea about this service. This service will keep you updated about the interaction on your blog and you can reply to your readers on time.

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