George Gershwin an American composer and pianist who wrote more than a 12 Broadway shows and the classical music hall with collaboration of with his elder brother, lyricist Ira Gershwin. Many musicians have recorded Gershwin songs, He took jazz, Broadway and the musical cultures of both America and Europe, and fused them into something unique and very difficult to imitate. As a creature of his time and a person somewhat out of step with his time, he probably has something in common with Spielberg’s better lead characters: Frank Abignale, early ’60s misfit; Indiana Jones, ’30s weirdo. And not to psychoanalyze too much, but you’ve got to wonder if Spielberg thinks he has some kind of kinship with Gershwin, who also became incredibly successful incredibly young.

George Gershwin fell into coma at the age of 38 he past away due to the brain tumor. Even though the White House help to search for a prominent surgeon a few hours later George died.

“One of the many tragedies of his early death was he was still learning and moving into more of a classical area with things like ‘Porgy and Bess’ and ‘Rhapsody in Blue,’ but he was taking lessons in classical orchestration,” said John Mueller, a political science professor at Ohio State University who wrote a script for a Gershwin musical comedy called “A Foggy Day” that finally reached the stage in the late 1990s.

“He was working to improve that,” Mueller said of Gershwin’s classical bent. “The talent was certainly there, and he had the drive and ambition to do it. He may have proved to be the best American classical composer of all time if he’d lived on.”

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