I am Going to share a Great Offer of Unlimited Free Calls to USA,CANADA.

http://callingamerica.com offers web-based (meaning that you don’t need to download dialer) totly free unlimited calls to USA and Canada. This ad supported model allows callers from around the world to call absolutely free to USA and Canada for unlimited time.

You can make 2 min long calls without singing up, and 15 mins long calls after you sign up with a free account. Though you can re-dial after 15 minutes to reconnect the call – this 15 min disconnection is to avoid fraudulent and SPAM calls.

Also note that one ad will be played for receiving party before the call actually connects. Afterward, call will remain un-interrupted and ad-free.

I am not sure how long this service will last, but for time being, it is a freat service. We have seen similar ad supported VoIP models before, but many of such services demise soon.

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