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News and updates of all pakages and other servicies of ufone.

Ufone Offers Mobile Internet Bundle 75MB for Rs. 4.99 Per Day


Ufone has announced this special daily mobile internet bundle for its prepaid customers, which is considered as one of the best packages available in the market.

This Mobile Internet Bundle from Ufone comes at a special price of Rs. 4.99 per day, against which you can consume 75 MB of mobile internet. However, this special mobile internet bundle will be available during 1 AM to 9 PM next day only.

Meaning that, customers will not be able to use mobile internet during 9PM to 1 AM – i.e. for four hours. For rest of 20 hours, you can use Mobile Internet with ease and up to 75 MB of download/upload.

Ufone says that this is a limited time offer, but customers need not to worry – as all sorts of packages are usually offered as limited time but they never expire.

Special Mobile Internet Bundle Details:

  • Package Volume: 75MB per Day
  • Subscription Charges: Rs.4.99/- Including Taxes
  • Validity: 01:00 AM to 09:00 PM
  • Activation: SMS Sub to 810
  • To Unsubscribe: SMS UNSUB to 7810
  • This bundle will renew automatically every day

Terms & Conditions:

  • This is a limited time offer
  • Subscription in case for new customers on Ufone network can take up to 24 hours.
  • Package will automatically renew on daily basis
  • Rs. 4.99 will be deducted on daily basis for re-subscription
  • Users who do not have sufficient balance will be un-subscribed automatically
  • Remaining data will not carry forward to next day
  • Fair usage policy of 75 MB limit per day apply
  • Users subscribed to Hourly Mobile Internet package will not be able to subscribe this package
  • User will not be able to subscribe to Hourly Mobile Internet package if they are subscribe to this data package
  • Users will have to unsubscribe or consume their bundle fully before subscribing to Hourly Internet package
  • This package is available to all Prepaid Ufone customers on all commercial packages
  • This service is not offered on Prepaid and Postpaid VPN packages.
  • Data Packages cannot be utilized during International roaming.
  • MMS, Premium URL or Ufone WAP Portal premium downloads will be charged as normal
  • Users can get GPRS and MMS settings by calling Ufone helpline 333 or sending an SMS with “handset model” to 222.
  • Rs.0.50/ + tax would be applicable on “Info” SMS send to 800 for Prepaid Subscribers

Ufone Launched Post-Pay 1 Package


Ufone has announced a new Post-paid package, which is especially tailored for those who make long calls.

Ufone says that all on-net calls will become free after first three minutes, while the call charges for first three minutes will be Rs. 1.30 per 30 seconds. Same rate, i.e. Rs. 1.30 per 30 seconds is applicable for off-net calls too.

Customers with Post-paid 1 Package can get 10 SMS per day for Rs. 1. Additionally, customers can send MMS for Rs. 1 per 64 KBs. Receiving MMS will be free.

Following are the highlights of the package:

  • All calls complimentary after 3 minutes
  • Line rent of Re.1/day
  • Calls to all Ufone numbers for Rs.1.30/30 sec
  • 10 SMS for Re.1/day
  • MMS for Re. 1/64kb and incoming free

Terms & Conditions:

  • 300 SMS per month will be given @ Rs. 30 in this bucket.
  • Rs. 50 will be charged for paper bill and Rs. 10 will be applicable for E-bill
  • NWD access deposit is Rs. 500, IDD access deposit is Rs. 1,500 and IR access deposit is Rs. 15,000
  • All charges are exclusive of tax
  • Using a SIM which is not in your name or allowing to use your SIM is a crime- PTA
  • 19.5% FED on usage and other taxes on recharge or bill apply.
  • Terms and conditions apply

Ufone has Launched Rs.150 scratch card in Pakistan

Ufone has announced the availability of Rs.150 scratch card in Pakistan, the first in the industry, while exciting part is that each card comes with one of Pakistan’s favourite cricketing hero and legend Wasim Akram’s autograph.

The scratch card is unique and the first of its kind which has been designed as a collectable series with 5 different designs. The scratch cards will not only facilitate customers to upload balance but it will serve as a souvenir with the autograph of the renowned King of Swing.

The recharge of balance from any of the 5 cards will qualify for a lucky draw to win a trip to Malaysia accompanied by Wasim Akram.

Ufone customers can participate in the contest through more than one entry. Accordingly, the 1st entry will be registered after recharging of 5 cards, 2nd entry will be registered after recharge of 6th card and third will be registered on use of a 7th card and so on.

There will be 5 lucky winners who will be accompanied by cricket legend Wasim Akram in a most enjoyable and memorable journey of their lifetime.

Apart from a chance to win the lucky draw customers will get one of five definite surprise gifts. Gift can be:

  • 100 SMS, 300 MMS,
  • 3MB Internet,
  • 100 Mins Free (Ufone to Ufone)

The last date to submit entries for lucky draw is March 31, 2013. Lucky draw winners will be announced within 10 days after March 31, 2013.

Wasim Akram, Brand Ambassador Ufone, said, “Millions of fans now have a chance to get my autograph through scratch cards of their favorite cellular phone network. This is a lifetime opportunity for both my fans and I to tour Malaysia and get to discuss my cricketing moments over the years. I thank Ufone for setting this platform and allowing me to reconnect with my fans.”


Ufone Introduces Foran Foreign Transfer Service

Ufone, in collaboration with Summit Bank, has launched its foran foreign funds transfer service.

Service will allow anyone (even those who aren’t Ufone subscribers) to withdraw money – remitted from anywhere in the world – from Ufone’s authorized outlets, customer service centre and franchises.

Ufone said that with this first of its kind branchless banking service in Pakistan, your friends and family can now send you money from anywhere in the world using Western Union, Xpress Money and Summit Bank’s own product Amanat Cash and you can collect it in Pak Rupees from a service centre, franchise or an authorized outlet near you.

Ufone said that amount up to 1 lak rupees can be withdrawn at a time, with Foran Foreign Cash.


Ufone Offers Unlimited WhatsApp Usage for Rs. 30 Per Month

Ufone has announced the availability of its new mobile internet bucket that will allow its customers to browse/use WhatsApp for entire month for just Rs. 30 – including taxes.

Ufone has said that this offering is result of a collaboration between Ufone and WhatsApp – that will enable Ufone users to use unlimited data for WhatsApp at fixed monthly charge of Rs. 30 or Rs. 1 per day.

For those aren’t familiar, WhatsApp is a mobile application, available for various platforms, through which you can send and receive SMS/MMS to/from other WhatsApp members via GPRS/EDGE for free.

Usually there are mobile internet charges involved while using WhatsApp, for which you will be charged a fixed monthly rate with Ufone’s this offer.

WhatsApp is available for following platforms:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Blackberry
  • Nokia S40
  • Nokia Symbian
  • Windows Phone

How to Avail WhatsApp Bundle?

  • All you need to do is simply dial *5858# and enjoy unlimited usage of WhatsApp for an entire month for just Rs. 30.
  • Customers will be subscribed as soon as request is received

Terms and Conditions:

  • Product will be available on prepaid commercial packages only.
  • Product will be available for only volume based GPRS subscribers.
  • Customers can download WhatsApp through the following link:
  • In case customer browses some other website, they will be charged as per their data plan
  • All charges are inclusive of Taxes

Ufone Offers Unlimited Mobile Internet During Nights for Rs. 30 per Month

Ufone has announced this new bundle for Mobile Internet, called Endless Internet, to enable its users to get internet connectivity from 2 AM to 9 AM at Rs. 30 per month or Rs. 1 per day, including all taxes.

Beating all current market rates, Ufone’s this move will bring those with lowest consumptions to get acquainted with mobile internet. Particularly those with night jobs, travellers, journalists and late sleepers can get connected with cyberspace without worrying about their mobile credits.

With introduction of this “Endless Internet Bundle”, experts are seeing mobile internet become more affordable than ever before. They believe that this trend will bring more mobile users under the net of internet-connected ecosystem because affordability makes a luxury to soon become a necessity.

Bundle Details:

  • Name: Endless Internet Monthly Bucket
  • Volume Allowed: Truly Unlimited
  • Charges: Rs. 30/- per month – Inclusive of Tax
  • Validity: 02:00 AM to 09:00 AM
  • To Subscribe: SMS ‘Sub’ to 7813

Ufone Got up to1 Million Fans on Facebook

Ufone created its Facebook fan page in July 2009 in order to interact and remain in constant touch with its customers. This gave yet another medium to keep all informed about product development and the latest in innovation. Ufone’s popularity on Facebook in the recent past has been overwhelming, in just over three years on the social networking site.

Ufone, on December 6, 2012, became the first in the industry to achieve the grand milestone of one million fans. The Ufone Facebook page does not only provide details of new service packages but it also shares valuable content with its fans on different occasions particularly on national days, international days, public awareness messages and customers education on technology and useful utility of cellular phone in their lives.

In a span of five months starting July 2012, Ufone saw a spurt of fan growth from 568k to one million. Side by side, the number of people talking about Ufone sky-rocketed from 5k to 105k! Talking per post increased from 150 to 3,000 and weekly reach rose from 247k to above 3400k.

This is yet another milestone achieved by Ufone as the first telecom brand in the country with more than one million fans. This is thanks to its customers and team members that made the social networking page interactive, exciting and informative as well.

Ufone is celebrating the achievement in grand style by initiating a competition that would have 3,000 winners! The Thanks a Million Quiz Competition will just have more love pouring in. If you haven’t yet liked the page, you’re missing out on lots. Go hit the tab now!


Ufone Dabangg Hour Offer Unlimited Calls,SMS,and Internet

Ufone  launched  ‘Dabangg Hour’, an industry first hourly hybrid bundle offered in Pakistan. The offer caters to the ever increasing usage needs of the telecom customers.


With Dabangg Hour offer, Ufone customers can enjoy:

  • Unlimited SMS,
  • Unlimited Calls
  • Unlimited Data (EDGE/GPRS).

So everything is going to get unlimited in that particular hour, called ‘Dabangg Hour’


  • Rs.3.99 per hour plus tax

Terms & Conditions:

  • This offer is only for Ufone Uth prepaid customers
  • VAS and calls made on special numbers are not included in this offer
  • Offer is valid for 60 minutes from the time of subscription
  • Fair usage policy is applicable on SMS and mobile Internet

How to Avail Dabangg Hour Offer:

  • Customers can choose any given hour as per their convenience and usage needs simply by dialing *212#.
  • ‘Dabangg Hour’ can be activated anytime, 24 hours a day and is valid for ‘Uth’ package customers only.


Dabangg Hour is the answer to all those customers wishes who had to subscribe to various packages in order to meet their requirements. The bundle is a complete solution to enjoy unlimited usage of all three features within an hour by a single subscription.

Akbar Khan, Chief Marketing Officer at Ufone, on the launch of ‘Dabangg Hour’ said, “Ufone strives to provide flexible and convenient solutions to its customers no matter where they are located, what they do and what their preferred times of communication are. We have now empowered the customers to choose their ‘Dabangg Hour’ as they deem suitable”.  He hoped the customers will now adjust cellular communication according to their preferred mode instead of adjusting their communication with set plans & packages.


Ufone Launches Self Care Application for Android

Ufone has this self-care portal up for long, that offers almost every kind of facilities that are required to maintain and operate a prepaid or postpaid subscription.

The great news is that all the features of Ufone Self-Care portal are offered with an Android app, which can be downloaded by Ufone users to manage and operate their Ufone numbers seamlessly.

By using the Ufone Self Care App, Ufone users can view the summary of your call, SMS and Mobile Internet charges of the last seven days, while Postpay customers can access the same information and their billing history as per their billing cycle.

We believe this is a wonderful step forward. Ufone can introduce plenty of other features in this app, such as complaint registration, tracking of complaints, announcements of new features and so on.

Where to download:

  • Android phone users can just SMS ‘sub’ to 5403 and get a link to download the Ufone Self Care app.
  • Once done, you are good to go.

Ufone offers Chepest International Calls1 Paisa Per Second

Ufone has announced this new international call offer of 1 paisa per second for all calls made to USA, UK (Landline only) and Canada.

Ufone said that these charges include taxes and there’s no daily charges attached to the offer, making this extremely catchy offer to avail, i.e. simply one paisa per second…!

As mentioned above, the one paisa per second call rate is applicable for all calls made on mobile phone networks and landline phone services in USA and Canada whereas in the UK, the offer is valid for landline numbers only.

How to Avail Offer:

  • To subscribe to the service a customer simply needs to dial *2288# or send ‘sub’ to 2288 via SMS.
  • There is a onetime subscription charge of Rs. 10 +tax

Akbar Khan, Chief Marketing Officer Ufone, said, “The call rates are the lowest and the most affordable to every Pakistani national who wishes to keep in touch with their loved ones in all three destinations. This offer has been created keeping in view each and every one of our valued customer’s needs”.

“This offer is flexible for Ufone’s valuable customers as they will only be charged for the exact duration of their call , hence, a customers is free to call every time in accordance with their affordability and requirements,” he added.

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