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Honda Power Generators All Models Reviews

All Honda power generators are equipped with its renowned 4 stroke engines, which have big advantages of durability and cleanness. HONDA offers wide range of 1 kVA to 5 kVA models, suitable for leisure, houses, office and construction.


Rated Output 0.6 kVA
Consumption 0.5 lit/ per houre
Tank Capacity 2.3 liter
Engine GXH50
Noise Level 56db
Dry Weight 12 kg

Rated Output 1.3 kVA
Consumption 0.97 litre / hour
Tank Capacity 3.7 litres
Engine GX160
Noise Level 66 dB
Dry Weight 33 kg

Rated Output 2 kVA
Consumption 1.15 litre / hour
Tank Capacity 15 litres
Engine GX160
Noise Level 65 dB
Dry Weight 45 kg


Rated Output 2.8 kVA
Consumption 1.92 litre / hour
Tank Capacity 25 litres
Engine GX240
Noise Level 68 dB
Dry Weight 68 kg


Rated Output 4 kVA
Consumption 2.5 litre / hour
Tank Capacity 25 litres
Engine GX340
Noise Level 70 dB
Dry Weight 82 kg


Rated Output 5 kVA
Consumption 2.71 litre / hour
Tank Capacity 25 litres
Engine GX390
Noise Level 72 dB
Dry Weight 89 kg


Nokia Working for The Self Charging Phone

New Scientist reports that Nokia has working for a phone that recharges by Kinetic energy , yes you move and it charges.

The major components like the circuit and battery are mounted on a movable frame which moves up and down with piezoelectric crystal strips on either side generating power when compressed by the frame keeping the battery recharged at all times .

Standby times depends on phone battery and soon the major hot mobile accessory in the market will be mobile swings on which you can put your phone in the night so it keeps on moving it so you get a full battery charge in the morning , now id they also get powered by piezoelectric crystals , it will be green tech all around


Waterproof and fire resistant Hard Drive 250 GB

Award winning hard drive made by Maxtor®. This hard drive is Waterproof (submerged) for up to 24 hours. This can be set up very easily i.e simple Plug & Play. This safe is suitable for protecting computer disks and back up tapes from fire. The safes internal temperature will remain below 52°C, the approximate temperature at which the data media will corrupt, for a period of 30 minutes.

Model Number QA0005 Hard Drive – 250GB


Charge your mobile battery with peepal leaves


Imagine u r stuck up in a jungle 4 more than 4 days and now desperately want to talk to her/him. I am sure u will try this trick..
Charge mobile with peepal leave

Its very Strange But True Very True.

Now, you do not require any mobile charger to charge your mobiles. Only
there is need to use green leaf of peepal tree and after some time your
mobile will get charged..

No soon the people came to learn this development, they tested it and
found encouraging results. If your mobile has been discharged and you
are inside a jungle then you need not to use any charger. You Should
pluck two peepal leaves and your work would be done.

It is very good idea and easy to charge your mobile. You would have to
open your mobile battery and connect it with peepal leaf. After that
without shaking mobile set you should set the battery in your mobile
set. After some time your mobile would be charged.

Though it is unbelievable but as soon as the residents of Chitrakoot
came to know about the discovery they could not believe the news. But
when they saw it practically then the incident proved true.

Now hundreds of mobile holders are using this technique and charging
their mobiles.

Several persons including Sushil Kumar Shukla, Santosh Verma, principal
of Mahatma Gandhi School , Raj Karan Patel, Shyam Patel, Shekhar
Dwivedi, Pramod Gupta, Manager of Gayatri temple, RN Tripathi proved the
incident true.

Whereas according to the botanists, it is just changing mutual energy
into electrical energy power can be saved in battery. Similarly, it is
also possible. They said that it is the subject of research.

Step by Step guide to charge your mobile battery using peepal leaf
1- Open your mobile cover
2- Take out your battery
3- Take two to three fresh leaves of peepal/pipal/ashwattha tree
4- Touch the stub of these leaves on your mobile battery terminal for a
5- Clean the mobile battery terminal with the soft cloth
6- Put your battery again in your mobile and switch it on
7- Now you can see the result
8- If required repeat the process with fresh leaves


Radio Pakistan On Live Internet Stream

The Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation (PBC) has started live streaming of its broadcasts on the Internet.

The step has been taken to bridge the divide through enhancing focus on integration of communication and opportunities for development. By streaming on the Internet, Radio Pakistan has not only extended its radius of coverage but also provided easy access to its listeners worldwide.

According to a statement issued by the PBC, programmes of National Broadcasting Service (NBS) can now be listened live on the Internet. The service is a dedicated Current Affairs Channel of Radio Pakistan, which broadcasts news, talk shows and interviews of prominent personalities besides social and cultural programmes 17 hours a day, starting at 6:55 a.m. and concluding at 12 midnight.

In the background of fast moving events around the world, it was felt that the audience needed to be kept informed with the latest events. For this purpose, a News & Current Affairs Channel (NCAC) was launched on April 18, 2001, which was the only channel of its kind in Asia. NCAC was converted into Current Affairs Channel (CAC) and then on August 28, 2008, it was converted into NBS. As Radio Pakistan starts its new Internet Streaming Service now, listeners around the world can get easy access to various programmes live on the address


HP Mini 110 Review and Price also Available in Pakistan

Since HP mini was meal of the eve, so allow me to write a few words about the netbook.

A few words, as I say it, because it already carries the weight of heavily placed presence on the internet. Geeky!! Much has been written about this specific netbook on internet. Most of the known websites have reviewed this netbook. To be honest, I read all of them to know the technical part of HP mini 110.

They all did the bench mark tests and the comparison evaluation to take into consideration the strengths and weakness. In the end all of them had the similar conclusion i.e. “Worth a dime!!” Now, I could have written all of those stuff by cleverly choosing the right content to copy from them but I didn’t. Thing is that I will write what I found in the meetup only. Not more, nor less!!. Truth be told!!


New in Town
OS – Nothing, Anything, Everything (Meaning that it can run without any Operating System, or even without Operating System)
HP Cloud

Intel Atom N280 (1.66GHz) Processor
1 GB DDR2-533 SDRAM (1 DIMM)
160 GB 54kRPM SATA Hard Disk
10.1” Diagonal SD Anti-Glare WD Display
Intel GMA 950 Motherboard
Built-in Webcam
Integrated 10/100 LAN
Wi-Fi/ Wireless LAN
5-in-1 Card Reader
3 Cell Lithium-Ion Battery
OS – Nothing, Anything, Everything

You would be wondering by now that what kind of OS I actually meant by listing 3 flavors. Don’t think out of box. HP did gave us some good options in OS for which I give them 10/10 marks : – ) By Nothing, I meant that you can have the netbook without any pre-installed OS. By Anything, I meant that you can have option of anything from two Microsoft OSs (HP recommends Windows by the way) i.e. Windows XP or Windows Vista. Its on your discretion. And lastly, by Everything I meant that you can have multiple OS on this very netbook without any issues. Atlease Mr. Khalid had tried it (He said so, if i am not wrong).


QuickWeb is one thing that fascinated us all. More than anything. The first statement what I uttered after hearing about this functionality was “Fit hai Yaar!!“.

HP gave the users an option of getting connected to the internet without even booting the OS. Amazing as it feels. But folks, thats real. In QuickWeb space, HP included some applications like Browser, Chat , Skype, Twitter, Facebook, Photos, Music etc. Tools that we need when we connect to the internet. In reply to my query that would we be able to get the file from the hard disk, they said “YES!!!” If you still want to and need to boot up the OS and do some official work then you just need to click on START MENU in QuickWeb Space.

Now, How HP did this? Well, I will leave it for you folks. If you are really curious and want to get hands on this very netbook then you will surely surf the internet after going through the post and you will come across QuickWeb definitely. So, read out the technology behind QuickWeb and share with our valuable readers what you have learned. Right Folks?

QuickSync was yet another feature which was highly emphasized by HP team. During the meetup, we didn’t had the privilege of going through this feature but its worth trying after going through the introduction of this feature. Through this feature, one would be able to sync his/her netbook and desktop computers.

If you are a student and you take your netbook to Uni but you work on desktop computer back home, then you need to have this feature installed in order to sync the documents and emails between the two systems.

HP cloud

HP cloud was yet another ingredient which didn’t went through our tummies too. It was explained as “A feature through which you would be able to connect to HP cloud and share your works and services over cloud”. Plain and Simple as A B C.

Regular ingredients are what we find in every other netbook. So, there is nothing for me to go into boring discussion : -) Design was as beautiful as it should be. Great Keyboard touch and as light weight as netbook should be. Mr. Khalid at one stage gave us goosebumps by saying that he played War Craft 2 on this very notebook. Mouth Watering indeed!!!

Fella bloggers who had other netbooks and laptops had their arguments passed in favor of their in-use netbooks but HP tried to convince them with their own mini series netbook. HP mini 110 has Combo headphone/mic jack which actually is one glitch that I didn’t liked. Means, you won’t be able to speak through mic and listen through headphones at the same time. HP needs to change this seriously.

Before presenting you all with the evening menu RATE LIST, I will conclude with my two cents in favor of HP mini 110 and SHOUT OUT LOUD WORDS “BUY IT!!!”

HP Mini 110-1006TU: Rs. 30,500 (Exclusive Tax)
HP Mini Pink 110-1040TU: Rs. 32,500 (Exclusive Tax)
HP Mini Designer 110-1121TU : Rs. 34,500 (Exclusive Tax)


Worlds Fastest Computer

Scientists developed the world’s fastest computer.It is able to perform 1,000 trillion operations per second.

The Name of this computer,Road Runner, is twice as fast the previous fastest computer IBM’s Blue Gene system, which was considered to be the fastest supercomputer, being three times faster than other supercomputers in the world. The Road Runner was developed by the engineers from the Laos Alamo’s National Laboratory in New Mexico, US, and IBM Corp. from 13,000 of computer chips.

Road Runner is the world’s first petaflop computer, meaning that it can perform 1,000 trillion operations per second. The daily performance of the computer can be compared to the calculations made by 6 billion people using a hand-held computer 24 hours a day for 46 years.

It took more than six years to develop a computer technology like this. Built from computer chips used in popular video game PlayStation 3 and 12,960 cell engines, it can boast 80 terabytes of memory. The interconnecting system takes 6,000 square feet, having 57 miles of fiber optics and weighs 500,000 pounds.

The supercomputer will be used for nuclear weapons research, but will have a numerous applications in medicine and science, engineering and other fields. It has a great potential to help in developing bio fuels, new drug therapies and even vaccine for the HIV virus, solving global energy tasks and find a clue to the origins of the universe.

The RoadRunner is now placed at the IBM research laboratory in Poughkeepsie, N.Y., but will be moved to the Los Alamos National Laboratory, where it will be initially tested for unclassified work and later used for nuclear weapons work and other government activities.


Navigation Edition Nokia 2710 Comming Soon

New navigation devices in Navigation Edition Nokia 2710 lead a group of new mobile phones expected for the Middle East and Africa.
An launch event held in the Egyptian capital Cairo, Nokia has unveiled the latest device in the company’s range focused on mapping and navigation, the Nokia 2710 Navigation Edition. The new arrival is GPS enabled and pre-loaded with Nokia Maps, making it the most affordable GPS device in Nokia’s broad portfolio.

Navigation Edition Nokia 2710 will be available in the second quarter of 2010 estimated price is goinin range Rs. 14,000 to Rs. 16,000

Because it has accessible and affordable pricing, the Navigation Edition is expected to be popular in the developed and developing world alike. The handset has been optimized for use across urban environments, small towns, as well as rural areas – incorporating straight line pedestrian navigation with the assistance of an integrated digital compass. Straight line technology allows people a comprehensive range of mobile navigation capabilities for use across pathless terrains. Other features include turn-by-turn driving navigation with full voice guidance, which recalibrates routes depending on the driver’s current GPS location, all accessed with a convenient dedicated navigation key.

“There is a clear trend to provide navigation, mapping and other location based services to mobile phones, and having mapping and location based services integrated in one single mobile device rather than buying two devices is a great benefit” says Alex Lambeek, Vice President, Mobile Phones, Nokia. “Of course, when bringing this experience to new people, new prices and new countries, you need to make sure the experience is optimized and locally relevant. With Nokia Maps, Nokia provides the broadest navigation coverage of any competitor and we continue to add new countries all the time.”

As the cost and availability of data connections is sometimes limited, relevant maps are included on the device to save cost and make sure that just because you don’t have an Internet connection, your device isn’t rendered useless.

On same event, Nokia also presents its recently announced range of new affordable and easy-to-use mobile phones in the Nokia 1280, Nokia 1616, Nokia 1800, Nokia 2220 slide and Nokia 2690. Starting at an estimated price of €20 before taxes and subsidies, the new range is ideal for consumers the world over.


Get SMS Notifications with Google Calendar

Gmail by Google ranked top visited website,Have a nice webmail service. Now Gmail Labs comes with an option to Keep Google Calendar Gadget open all the times – with Calendar Gadget you can easily add/edit your schedule, meetings, reminders,messages and so on with Google Calendar. Go into Gmail’s settings-> Labs and enable Calendar Gadget

Here is the URL:

You may need to setup your Google Calendar account once and that’s it. Moreover, you can synchronize Google Calender with various devices, including OutLook, iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia phones and so on. Once setup, you can share your calendar with others your colleagues, friends and so on. So there are plenty of options that are so rich to make Google Calender one of best online tool for managing your time.
How to Set SMS Notifications:

after next – go to setting (button available on top right) and change your preferences as per your requirements. Enable SMS alerts via going into Mobile Settings..

Save settings and exit. Now you are ready to add your alerts entries to your calendar.

Good thing about Google Calendar is that it can send you notifications on your email and on phone via SMS (all Pakistani networks supported).


Blackberry mobile phone services will soon be available in China

According to BBC News…Blackberry mobile phone services will soon be available to individual customers in China for the first time.

The handheld devices, made by Canadian company Research In Motion, have previously only been available in China to employees of a few major companies.

Small firms Workers will also now be able to access a Blackberry – long a mainstay of Western business users.

The Chinese market is expanding fast, and Blackberry’s arch rival, the iPhone, is making inroads there.

Chine country already has 650 million mobile subscribers. Research In Motion will provide its Blackberry device in partnership with China Mobile, which dominates the market with 513 million subscribers.

It, and two other main carriers, were recently assigned third generation mobile phone licences, which allow high-speed internet browsing – something that was first offered in Japan 10 years ago.

Blackberry has been operating in China since 2006. But although the devices were restricted to employees of large organisations, the country also has a huge semi-legal “grey market” for smartphones such as the Blackberry and Apple iPhone, in which smartphones are brought in from places such as Hong Kong.

China Unicom, the country’s number two mobile carrier, has already begun to sell Apple’s iPhone in China.

China Telecom is reportedly aiming to sell BlackBerry and Palm smartphones by early next year. No price has yet been suggested.

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