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Dil Dil Pakistan–A Song for Pakistan flood Awareness

Buddies Without Borders (BWB) is an initiative by Concerned Pakistani Americans to spread awareness about the dire flood disaster in Pakistan and the need to continue to help the needy through the collective power of children. The essence behind the initiative is that children are not bound by borders, cultures, religion and language. They are simply children and when they see other children, they only think of them as children.

Source: The Music World

Dil Dil Pakistan


City Distric Government Karachi Documentary On Road Accidents

Watch Documentry Video from City Distric Government Karachi on karachi Road Acidents.These Videos take from Hidden Cameras installed by CDGK.Must Watch CDGK made this short documentary for public awareness and safety against road accidents , while showing the horrible accidents taking place on Roads everyday from CDGK hidden cameras.