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Forest Spiral, Germany by Scott Maurer

10 Strange and Unusual Buildings Around the World

Human mind has always mystified the world and God with the engineering miracles. Man’s attempt to conquer the world from Tower of Babel to Burj Khalifa has resulted in some beautiful and unusual buildings.  They stand still, calm and emit ‘mysterious untold charm’ delighting humankind and their aesthetics for engineering excellence. Check out these 10 […]

Dil Dil Pakistan–A Song for Pakistan flood Awareness

Dil Dil Pakistan–A Song for Pakistan flood Awareness

Buddies Without Borders (BWB) is an initiative by Concerned Pakistani Americans to spread awareness about the dire flood disaster in Pakistan and the need to continue to help the needy through the collective power of children. The essence behind the initiative is that children are not bound by borders, cultures, religion and language. They are […]