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The News Come up with an E-paper

All other News Networks Dawn, The Nation, Jang, Express and other major mainstream paper had their e-paper for long; however, ‘The News’ was left behind in this.

While the need was immense, ‘The News’ has come up with its electronic version of daily newspaper.

We are not sure if its still in beta testing, but we can confirm that epaper is being published for at least three months now.

Here is the link:

We also know that ‘The News’ epaper used to require registration, in the start, however, now it can be accessed without any registration.

Other epapers of Pakistan newspapers are:

  1. The News:
  2. Dawn:
  3. Daily Jang:
  4. Daily Express:
  5. The Nation:
  6. Nawa-e-Waqt:
  7. Daily Jinnah:
  8. Daily Waqt:
  9. Express Tribune:

Zardari Calls Sarah Palin Gorgeous Video

President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardi Call Sarah Palin You are even more Gorgeous in life.No i know wh the whole of America is crazy about you.If he is insisting,I might hug.


PIA Free Send relief goods to Flood Affectees

The country is in the series of river floods that have hit the many areas in all four provinces. Lacs of people in rural areas have been displaced from their homes while hundreds have perished in raging river waters. People are in dire need of relief goods like Tents, Canned food, medicine, clothing etc. PIA has again revived its glorious traditions and announced free transportation of relief goods (Medicines, Dry/Canned Food, Milk, Tents, New Clothing ) from any place in the world to Islamabad, Lahore Peshawar and Karachi. (All online international and domestic stations -point to point).

International shipments will have to be endorsed by Pakistani Embassies/Consulates/ High Commissions and the consignee should be a registered NGO or Government agency such as National Disaster Management Authority.

Following priority should be accorded in the acceptance and movement of relief goods:

  • Life saving drugs/ medical kits.
  • Dry Milk, food stuff and plastic bottled mineral water.
  • Tents.
  • Clothing (New Only) etc.

Shipment will be accepted free of cost on PK Network at Cargo Terminals only on point to point sector. In order to connect from point of origin other than PIA Sector, interlining sector/ trucking charges will be borne by the shipper.


Contribute to PM Flood Relief Fund by Sending an SMS

PTA in collaboration with telecom industry has started “1234″ SMS service to supplement the efforts of the govt in its rescue and rehabilitation efforts for the flood affected across the country.

The short code 1234 has been activated from all cellular mobile operators platform. SMS can be sent to 1234 by writing “Fund” which will be charged RS.10/- excluding taxes for contributing to PM flood relief fund 2010 for flood affectees peoples.

The amount collected by “1234″ sms would be deposted to PM’s flood relief fund 2010 for which a special account has been created in NBP (A/c No. 898989)

People are reqeusted by PTA to send maximum numbers of sms to help their affected brothers in this hour of need.


Zardari said Quaid-e-Azam was non-Graduate

President Asif Ali Zardari said that “Our President in all Josh and Valvala said in his speach that Even Quaid-e-Azam was non-graduate then why graduation is mandatory for them.” I am unable to understand what seems to be running in our President’s head, but Jinnah was a Barrister and studied 4 years at Lincoln Inn This Fake Degrees issue is now spilling all over the place and not even Honorable Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah is spared.


Google is now in the flight Information Business

Google is now in the flight information business. The search giant just announced it is paying $700 million in cash for ITA Software, an essential provider of flight information to airlines, travel agencies, and online reservation systems. ITA raised a massive $100 million series A back in 2006 from Sequoia, Battery Ventures, and General Catalyst.

Travel is a huge segment of search and online commerce. Purchasing ITA signals Google’s intention to build out its travel search in a major way. A consortium of rivals including Microsoft, Kayak, Expedia, and Travelport tried to counter Google’s offer last Spring because they all rely on ITA’s data and wanted to keep the company out of Google’s hands. ITA was reportedly holding out for $1 billion, but Google got the deal at the original $700 million price it put on the table.

If you search for flights on Google today, all you get is links to results from the big online travel sites. Bing, on the other hand, offers a much richer Travel experience, complete with comparison prices for the same flight from the different travel engines, as well as predictive charts and graphs from Farecast (which was acquired by Microsoft for $115 million in 2008). Bing also gets a lot of its flight and fare data from ITA.

Google will use ITA’s data to create “new flight search tools” and promises to honor its existing agreements with partners. But can you imagine Bing paying Google for flight data? When that contract comes up for renewal, the negotiations will be anything but straightforward.


Extended the deadline for Cellular Companies to shift their towers to Solar energy

Ministry of Environment has extended the deadline for cellular companies to shift their cell towers to solar energy until further orders.

Earlier, Punjab Government had ordered all cellular companies to shift their towers to solar energy before June 30th, 2010 to avoid electricity disconnections.

In a press advertisement today, Ministry of Environment has said that Government of Pakistan has extended the deadline for shifting cell phone towers to solar energy until further orders. At the same time it said that cellular companies must start shifting their towers to solar energy under Corporate Social Responsibility.

Cellular companies had sought intervention from Federal Government to over ride Punjab Government’s deadline.


90% of Pakistani Adult Population Registered by NADRA

Pakistan has counted as one of the very few countries over the World where 90 per cent of the adult population is registered through most secure biometric technology introduced by National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA).

Deputy Chairman NADRA Tariq Maliksaid ,Said “We are striving to attain 100 per cent registration and if we hit 94% we are as good as 100% because on average 6% turns 18 every year”.

While stating the benefits of registration, He observed that biometric identification of every Pakistani citizen of this country would bring transparency in all social political and economic affairs besides providing the vital health, education and social information for initiating targeted development programs.

Deputy Chairman NADRA Tariq Maliksaid ,Said “We have issued 79.13 million ID cards so far against eligible adult population of 87.89 million. Overall registration increase in last two years (2008-2010) is 60% whereas female registration growth is 88.7% when compared against previous two years (2006-2008)”.

He said the registration of adult male population has already reached 99 per cent but female adult registration is still 77 per cent due to cultural inhibitions. We have overcome many hurdles in this regard as the overall registration in one of the most conservative province of Kyber Pakhtunkwa has already reached 99 per cent. He said the people of this province realized the benefits of registration to avail many social benefits.

Registration levels in different regions of pakistan are as following:

Azad Jammu and Kashmir: 99 per cent
Punjab: 91 per cent
Gilgit-Baltistan: 88 per cent
Sindh: 84 per cent
Baluchistan: 74 per cent.

Paying tribute to the NADRA employees he said they showed remarkable dedication in increasing the registration despite bad law and order situation since 2008.

He said some important government initiatives also facilitated increase in issuance of Computerized National Identity Cards. “Prime Ministers decision to provide free CNICs attracted 1.7 million people and BISP attracted poorest of poor to get registered” added Tariq Malik.

He said successful cash disbursement using biometric technology and rehabilitation of Internally Displaced People as an after math of SWAT operation was also possible due to accurate data available about the population with NADRA. Banks in Pakistan he added are flourishing because they know the identity of all their account holders. He said crimes have been unearthed after tracing the identity of criminals’ mobile phones that are issued after verification of their CNICs. “It is high time that the elections should be held on CNIC basis. This would definitely bring transparency in elections” said Tariq.

NADRA opened many new registration centers, increased its fleet of mobile registration vans and established make shift semi mobile registration centers to cope with the surge in far flung areas. “Our mountaineers are trekking in mountain searching for unregistered population.” Tariq added.


FIR Registered in Pakistan Against Facebook Owners

Punjab Police has registered an FIR against three Facebook owners Mark Zuckerberg, Dustin Moskovitz, Chris Hughes and a lady named as Andy who had moved draw Mohammad campaign on Facebook, told deputy attorney general of Pakistan in Lahore High Court during Facebook case hearing.

He presented register of Civil Lines Police Station, Lahore, before the court and said that an FIR has been registered against the four foreigners, however it got sealed, for publishing blasphemous content under blasphemy ordinance section 295-C.

Petitioner, Mr. Muhammad Azhar Sidiqque said that he will wait for the police to contact Interpol for making arrangements for the arrest of Facebook owners and the lady who started the campaign.

Deputy attorney general explained the High Court that Pakistan’s representative in United Nations is asked in written to escalate the issue in UN General Assembly.

Justice Ejaz Ahmed Chaudry ordered the state to enhance the monitoring of Facebook to make sure that incident is not repeated in future.

Next hearing is now scheduled for July 9th, 2010.

Earlier on May 19th, 2010 Lahore High Court had banned Facebook’s access in Pakistan over the blasphemous content and then lifted it on May 31st, 2010 while ordering the government to make sure that only specific URLs that contain blasphemous content are restricted with-in the country.

Via BBC Urdu

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