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Internet Payments Made Easy in Pakistan NIB Bank brining Internet Payment Gateway

It appears that the wait for having an online payment processing platform is over now. NIB Bank has announced that it is brining Internet Payment Gateway in Pakistan that will allow online businesses to charge their customers through debit or credit card for the stuff they will buy on internet. Establishment of Internet Payment Gateway […]

Top Paying Keywords for Google Adsense

Top Paying keywords Estimated PPC (Pay Per Click) Structured Settlement Category cash structured settlements $80.99 buy structured settlements $77.64 settlement cash structured for flow $67.37 purchase structured settlement $60.88 purchasing structured settlement $57.07 Mesothellioma Category mesothelioma claims $104.83 mesothelioma attorneys san diego $104.04 mesothelioma lawsuits $101.29 mesothelioma attorney san diego $83.30 mesothelioma lawyers san diego […]

UBL WIZ A PrePaid Debit Card Visa Powred

UBL WIZ A PrePaid Debit Card Visa Powred

E-payments have always been a problem for us, here in Pakistan. As PayPal is not providing its service here in Pakistan right now, so the only legal way, we are left with is Credit Card. But not everyone is eligible or does afford these credit cards (which come with huge security deposits and service charges). […]

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