Respecting PTA’s directives for blocking Facebook in Pakistan, all cellular companies have blocked Blackberry services till further notice.

This Morning, Lahore High Court had asked the government to make sure that Facebook is blocked for all internet users of Pakistan. In accordance to which PTA issued a directive to ISPs for banning Facebook and all of its subdomains in the country.

However, the said website was accessible on Blackberry handsets as these services are routed through RIM servers. To avoid this, all cellular companies put an immediate cap on all Blackberry services till further notice.

Cellular companies’ spokespersons have confirmed us for the same.

All cellular companies have informed their customers through SMS about the development.

Telenor website reads following note:

As per the directive of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, all telecom operators have been asked to temporarily discontinue Blackberry services. These services will be restarted based on further PTA directive. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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