CPLC Lahore has publish its website,for online report for any Crime,Mobile Theft. Along with many other activities, you can report a stolen cell phone on this website as well.

Here is the link: http://www.cplc-lahore.gop.pk/mobile-theft-form
But unfortunately there are a mistake at this time on website, like so many other government websites, CPLC Lahore presents another masterpiece of un-professional work. Let me explain why,

First option is about “Complain Type” and options are


After this, here comes another blunder: Form asks for 17 digit IMEI number. As they didn’t know that there are 15 digits for IMEI number of every GSM phone (at least on planet Earth)


Let me tell you another very interesting fact that there are actually two forms for reporting Mobile Phone theft, one linked in top menu and another in left menu.

By clicking on “Report Mobile Theft” button, you will reach this page: http://www.cplc-lahore.gop.pk/mobile-theft-form-old

Form on this page make some sense, other than this field: “Office Number is mandatory”. This page is said to be old one (as in url) and probably is not monitored, only Allah knows better.

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